Tuesday, September 8, 2009

WOW...it's been awhile!

I just remembered that I have this blog that I am suppose to be writing in and realized that I had better get to it!
WAY TOO MUCH has been going on to even begin sharing so I won't even try! I will, however; share a little about the last week or so. My beautiful princess twins started VPK last Monday and I was so ready for them to start school and give mommy a three hour break each day! There was only one problem with that though...when I dropped them off in their classroom, took pictures, videoed, and gave kisses good-bye...I walked out and went into the parent meeting that was being held in the Chapel. Everything was fine until Ms. Lynn shared about a cute story where the mommy kisses the little girls hand before she goes to school and the girl then closes her hand and holds it to her heart, and if she needed some of her mommy's love during the day in school, all the little girl had to do is open up her hand and kiss it to kiss her mommy. Well.....you guessed it.....I LOST it!!!! I was crying and not quietly...it was sobbing!!!! My sweet husband looked at me like I was crazy and said "what the heck is wrong with you?" I couldn't stop! I contained myself a little until I got outside, looked in their classroom and began to cry again! I cried all the way thru the parking lot and to my car....calmed down for a minute and sat in the car...only to again begin crying hysterically!!! My husband by now thinks that I am totally insane! We went home and...I made his lunch, straightened up the house a little bit, played on the computer, and sat in their room....while crying the ENTIRE time! It was terrible! What is wrong with me? What did I do? I felt like I abandoned my girls and I made a huge mistake! I felt the need to go pick them up, bring them home and FORGET about school! I was convinced that I will just homeschool them FOREVER!!! I couldn't wait for them to come home and I was the second person in the car pick up line to get my babies! Tuesday was a little better....I watched them in their classroom for a few minutes...Tim Suggs (his son, Timmy is in their class) asked if I needed a tissue! Ha Ha very funny! I was okay as long as I didn't think about it. Wednesday came along and I got my Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee after I dropped them off and went home to work on scrapbooks for 3 hours! From then on....that 3 hour block of free time that I have without my girls goes by way too fast! :) For Kindergarten, the school days are longer, right? :)

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Brandi Mae said...

Hahahaha.... Welcome to the club mommy! Pastor's responses are so him, I can see the expression on his face now...